Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Safe and Unusual Sex

You need something different in your sex life here is a guide from a to z To help you search and have fun

This book has over 200 different photos.The subjects cover fetishism, g-spot, lesbianism, masturbation, oral sex, phone sex, sex toys, transexual, and so much more

Exploration is always fun and interesting and this book is a great help. I found it at www.pandorassecretplace.net

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Love Machine

In todays world sexually transmitted diseases are frightening. A pill doesn't always fix the problem and sometimes death occurs. So being careful about your partner is necessary and sometimes that leaves us without a partner at times. Of coarse that doesn't stop our physical needs. So we find other ways for sexual satisfaction.
Theres an interesting sex toy now that is awesome and it can fulfill those times when you need satisfaction. Its called the Power Box Fucking Machine.

If your a woman alone without a partner the fucking machine will put a smile on your face and give you a mellow body.
Even if you have a man in your life. Don't be afraid to bring out your toy.You probably will be fulfilling one of his fantasies. Watching you getting excited , wet and ready.
The fucking machine has a motor which makes a dildo stroke- rotate back and forth automatically and can be controlled by remote control to make the speed of the sex machine go faster and slower.
You can use the interchangeable vac-u-lock dildo system to change the style of dildos for different sensations. The machine is made of steel and will last a lifetime.
There are several different styles of fucking machines. Some hand held, some the size of a tool box or a foot locker. Lightweight, and easy to use.
Fucking machines aren't much money considering what they do for you and how long they last.
Being careful is necessary, so exploring the toy world is a safe and fun pleasure.
Heres several fucking machines I found for you to see and below those are some attachments from vac-u-lock.

As seen above this is The Power Box Fucking Machine. Powerful, compact, lightweight, easy to angle. 4.5 amp motor 2 speeds, slow 40 rpms and fast 80 rpms, adjust stroke from 2"--4" and 6". Shaft is made from durable 12" long 1/2" diameter steel pipe.
Box measures 18" length, 10" in height, 9" wide. weighs 10 pounds,comes with control unit and 3 foot cord.

Fully adjustable power stroker and thruster with 6 attachments.The love machine is designed to meet any stroking , thrusting vibrating, or pulsating preference Easy to operate control unit featuring 5x love dial with 5 unique multi-speed vibrations and pulsating massage programs.
Foreplay, tease, pulsation, vibration, climax. The love machine is a great ride for men or women.
Vibrating egg, slimline anal pleasure and 6" contoured vibe, highly adjustable. Customize your sexual experience for total comfort and control.The high torque motor provides powerful stroking and thrusting action. There is 3 indivitual power jacks for extra fun. The love machine can go virtually any position horizontally, vertical, sit it flat, attach it to the wall.
Ride it like a pony, take it from behind , or just sit back and let it do the work. The possibilities are endless.

Below are just a few attachments that are available for these machines. There are plenty to choose from

Thin 7" Natural Dong

Ultra harness 8" vib dildo vac-u-lock plugs for easy attachment includes 8x2" vibrating dong and powder lubricant
Hollow vibrating 7x1.75" vibrating penis internal sleeve is 7" deep
Theres plenty more attachable toys just pick and choose
They have good prices and a wide selection Discreet shipping and privacy.
are several other places to shop for toys